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Our Mission Statement

GRUN Foundation - water pumpIt is my pleasure as president to present to you the statement of purpose of the G.R.U.N. Foundation.

We all have important values and ideas, things we care about and want to share. Sometimes we feel our ideas can even change the world, and we want to let other people know how they can join in and make all our lives better.

The G.R.U.N. Foundation is a philanthropic private foundation. From the beginning, the Foundation has sought to indentify the causes of human sufferings and needs. Our board of directors will meet four times a year, setting program guidlines, financial policies and approves applications.

The Foundation is a knowledge-based, global Foundation with the commitment to enhance the lives and livelihoods of poor and excluded people throughout the word. We work in conjunction with governments, corporations and private sectors. We work hand in hand with many corporations throughout the world who have a big heart, for helping to fulfill their goals in humanities, and to improve quality of life, by applying modern technology, by reducing the use of chemicals and other additives in our daily lifes."

How you can help and partcipate ?

Individuals, companies or organizations who would like to donate their knowledge and time to help research, start and complete projects please contact us at info@GRUNfoundation.com

Thank you.

Hon. Guenter A. Rieger, Founder & President

G.R.U.N. Foundation,
PO Box 1464,
Vernon,BC V1T 6N7

has a vital role to play in sharing the world of today and tomorow. It can support innovation at the grassroots level and can be implemented to enhance peoples lives who are in need Philanthropist around the globe initiated movements of great social changes - - among them, settlement houses, the civil rights movement, control of diseases and many other positive changes for society.

"You don't have to be perfect to make a difference in this world.  We were all created with amazing gifts and potential just waiting to be unlocked.  Each of us has our own unique gifts. Find your strengths and don't let your shortcomings hold you back from taking action. Celebrate your gifts. Let your strengths guide you and let your true inner self shine."
-Author unknown-

"The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it."
-Albert Einstein-

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Solar Technology

We know that relying on coal, oil and natural gas threatens our future with toxic pollution, global climate change and social unrest caused 
by diminishing fuel supplies. Instead of relying on unsustainable fossil fuels, we must transform our economy and learn to thrive on the planet's abundant supply of renewable energy.No Monthly Bills to worry about. Solar panels are extremely reliable. There are no moving parts so you don't have to worry about replacing anything. In fact, most people generate electricity for 1000s of hours with little or no maintenance     


Permaculture is a creative design process based on whole-systems thinking that uses ethics and design 


principles. It guides us to mimic the patterns and relationships we can find in nature and can be applied to all aspects of human habitation, from agriculture to ecological building, from appropriate technology to education and even economics.

By adopting the ethics and applying these principles in our daily life we can make the transition from being dependent consumers to becoming responsible producers. This journey builds skills and resilience at home and in our local communities that will help us prepare for an uncertain future with less available energy. 

Generating electricity from small or distributed wind energy sources typically involves smaller wind turbines found at Turbine.jpghomes, farms, businesses and public facilities, which off-set all or a portion of on-site energy consumption. Small wind turbines are very different than large wind turbines. Large turbines, often grouped in wind farms, are widely used by utilities across Canada to provide electrical energy to electricity grids. Although small wind turbines may look like miniature versions of large turbines, there are important differences in technology, purchase decisions, application requirements and value of generated electricity.A small wind system can be used on-grid (for a cottage, home, farm, or business) or off-grid (for a boat, RV, cottage, home, farm, business, remote community, or remote station):    

G.R.U.N. Foundation,PO Box 1464, Vernon,BC V1T 6N7Canadainfo@grunfoundation.com